Israel did 9-11

Mass media control means mass deception.


This ‘must read’ summary of investigative reporting by Christopher Bollyn proves the central role of Israel and an international zionist crime network in the 9-11 attacks and the continuing cover-up.  The 2008 Constitution Party candidate for President, Chuck Baldwin makes an urgent recommendation to READ THIS BOOK.  What if everything we’ve been told is a lie?

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12 Responses to Israel did 9-11

  1. Roger Gloux says:

    How do you come to the conclusion Israel was responsible for 9/11?

  2. Read the newest book by Christopher Bollyn entitled: “WAR ON TERROR: PLOT TO RULE THE MIDDLE EAST”. Also watch interviews with Bollyn by Adam Green.

    A quick read that introduces the Israeli connections to ideation, planning, execution and cover-up of 9-11 is here:

    There is much more circumstantial evidence linking zionists, neocons and Israel to the 9-11 attacks … far more evidence that there is evidence of muslims committing the 9-11 attacks. Ask yourself how muslims gained access to Building 7 to rig it for a classic controlled demolition.

    • Roger Gloux says:

      I don’t think Muslims were involved in any way. No planes hit any building nor did one crash in Shanksvill.

      It was totally an inside job. Cheney at the controls.

      What exactly do you consider a Zionist to be????? Do you know what “Zion” means and what it represents?

      I don’t agree with everything that is said in the Truth Movement. One reason is there were Fourteen People in a stairway that survived. Nothing above them fell on them, and they were not hurt by any explosives or burnt by fire from the explosives….. and they walked out. Explain to me how this is possible.

      Nobody set charges in the buildings to cause a collapse. Have you ever seen the shows lately on “Blowdown” where CDI (Control Demolition Inc) prepare buildings so they can collapse in a pile.

      There was 110 stories of concrete and heavy steel (some steel six inches thick) with all the furnishings in that building and yet it didn’t stand taller then the three story main floor entrance. Like Marc Loizeaux said, “it wasn’t controlled demolition”. Yet Truthers and of course the AE 911 group all stand United in saying it was controlled demolition; when none of them ever handled explosives to do such a thing. Even guys like Jesse Ventura who blew up things as a Seal said it was not controlled demolition.

      So I ask, if it wasn’t controlled demolition, how can a jackass Zionist do it without setting up charges that take months to do??????

      Was there a conspiracy? Definitely yes. But you can’t go shooting from the hip at anyone who came from modern day Israel, if they did, how did they do it without explosives……

      Look at what CDI professionals had to do to take down this building……

      No foreign power was involved just the leadership of the USA and some very rich bastards did it.

  3. Perhaps you missed reading this article?

    Perhaps you’ve not taken enough time to explore this widely accepted body of research?

    Who would need to introduce disinformation and confusion in the explanation of what really happened? Would you know anyone such as this?

    • Roger Gloux says:

      I think you missed what I was getting at. Seven buildings were destroyed and most of it was turned to powder and dust, including six inch steel, all the glass and interior materials making up the building.

      It wasn’t done by controlled demolition as the two videos point out because that would be impossible with all the people working in those buildings the very same day they were destroyed.

      Who possibly could destroy these buildings? Who would own this weaponry? Cheney was at the controls and it was all US manipulation.

      The US currency is backed by OIL. So it needs more control of the oil. So they faked the 9/11 “Arabs did it” so they could steal the Iraqi OIL. They knocked out Saddam Hussein because he wanted to use GOLD to back his currency and the same with Khadafi.

      If that happened the American dollars would come home and the country will collapse because it has nothing to back the currency. Nobody wants US currency but the way it works you have to convert your currency into US dollars to buy OIL in OPEC. So as long as the dollars stay out there they continue with their evil game. Afghanistan is the OPIUM capital of the world and the CIA is selling heroin to get cash, because they are broke.

      Everyone of the countries they are invading is to steal their resources so they can continue this mad New World Order to control the whole world using a currency that is useless to even wipe your ass,…. except it is tide to oil.

      So what about Israel?

      Well aren’t they sitting in the Middle of all this mayhem? If you help them, you can control the others and then use them. The real “Jews” would like the land their Temple was on before they were invaded. So they scratch each others back.

      The same with the Saudi Princes who are protected by the USA. The people of Saudi Arabia would like to string up those princes, but lucky for them the US is protecting them and supplying war machinery, which is also good for business as they will sell to anyone who has the money to buy them.

      Now add to this mix the German people who head the EU. The upper tier of Germany is still run behind the scenes by Nazis.They are totally dependent on Saudi Oil and should anyone cause the tap to turn off, they have a standing army of 200,000 men ready to role to get it turned back on. Not only that, every country in the Mediteranean Sea that got money from Germany to keep them afloat allowed the Germans to build military air strips on them so they are ready to take whatever is necessary to keep the OIL flowing.

      Something else, every year there are fifteen men chosen to join Skull and Bones of Yale University and these fifteen men join the ranks of an elite group who control all of the Media and the Industrial complex. there is anywhere from 500 -800 alive at anyone time and they make sure they are all protected from anything that can harm them. These PRICKS are the people behind 9/11 because they want to get their greedy hands on other countries resources and use the armed forces as their pawns to get it. Of course the banking system is run by them headed by the Rothchild dynasty.

      These are the people behind 9/11 because they stole trillions of dollars from the Stock Market and their greedy real Estate Bubble and needed to hide it. The Enron caper was about to go to court and that was stored in Building 7. So now none of this can come to light and on top of that they blamed the Arabs so they could go to the Middle East to steal their resources. Enron was used to steal the infra structure of other countries and take their money for services rendered. Not only did they steal all of the money, they stole the US citizens retirement money that was invested in Enron. That’s why all seven buildings had to be destroyed.

      Now it comes down on how did they destroy the buildings?

      The experts in the business say it wasn’t controlled demolition, so what was it? It had to be something that didn’t have fire because none was visible and had to turn 4-6 inch steel to powder without any heat. the people caught in the dust cloud said it was cooler then the air and also survivors in Stairwell B were not hurt by fire, explosives or falling debris. Whoever did this have something very powerful and deadly and I don’t think Israel did it or were behind it. Let’s start with Cheney and his buddies like Rumsfeld and the other assholes in the Government and the leaders of the industrial complex who protect each other. It all started with Henry Ford, Old Man Kennedy, Rockefeller playing both sides of the war to make money. And we can’t forget Busch Senior who was involved in killing JFK, who wanted to stop all this shit and get out of Vietnam, which would have killed the cash cow.

      Bollyn isn’t seeing the picture in that these guys don’t care what it costs as long as they make their personal money and gain more power. All they have to do is print more money and devalue the dollar; That’s why China, Brazil, Venezuela, Iran want the US dollar away from OPEC and use Euros instead. They also know the USA has a weapon they can’t match because this weapon can destroy huge buildings and turn them into powder. It’s not a secret, they already told us with this video…..

  4. Wahhabi head-choppers are strange allies. Saudi royals have a Jewish bloodline. Dancing Israelis were there “to document the event” and this proves foreknowledge by Israeli leadership. Bollyn’s materials go fully into proving Israeli central involvement–and I’ll agree that Skull and Bones (and others) are fully involved.
    When the Jews did 9/11, they basically walked into a gambling casino and put everything they had on the table. They emptied their pockets. 9/11 was an all or nothing deal for the collective. What we have in 9/11 is a perfect microcosm of Jewish evil. It’s all there; all their scheming; all their tactics, all their actors; all their brazenness; all their Satanic goals. “Our best allies” is a big bamboozle.
    Occam’s razor would have us in agree with architects and engineers who have organized en masse to expose explosive demolition. Building 7 (not mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report) is a classic controlled (explosive) demolition. DEW is a disinfo psy-op. IMO, Judy Wood is an addled addict by what I see in this debunking piece OR her meds need to be better regulated:
    There is no evidence of turning “4-6 inch steel to powder without any heat”.
    Bollyn proves conclusively that Israel was central to the 9-11 ideation, planning, attacks and control of media spin. Jewish control of mass media and Hollywood has produced the false narratives and ridicule of which you are wittingly or unwittingly a part.
    Compromising morality for oil/dollars by destroying cultures via bombings, sanctions, mass murder based upon the big lies isn’t my idea of an agenda worthy of support.

  5. Roger Gloux says:

    I see your not going to put my post in. I see the post from this computer but it isn’t on your page.

    Nevertheless, Christopher Bollyn has all the players in this plot and I did learn of some I didn’t know about. One thing he doesn’t know about is where all the “Jews” came from and why they wacked the countries they did.

    Also there is a reason why the Nation is called Israel and not YaHUdah/Judah, because they are not real “Jews”.

    Bollyn pointed out a map of what is the goal of achieving that has to be taken with a gun. Make a search of a map of Ancient Israel and you will see that very same map. Look at any Ancient Map and check out which Tribe of Israel controlled the land around Jerusalem. You will see it is Judah.

    First the 10 Northern Tribes were conquered and taken off of the Land by the Assyrians and displaced to the area just under the Caucasus Mtns. These are not the “Jews”, because the Jews remained on the land around Jerusalem for 120 years more, until they were conquered by the Babylonians.

    Who do you think these Nations are today?

    Babylon is modern day Iraq, and who was the first country after 9/11 to get taken out? Iraq.

    King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem that was situated at the North end of the Old City of David.

    Who supplied the money and the materials to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem? The Persians. Who are the Persians today? Iran.

    The big question is, where is Israel today? They were conquered and removed from the Land but they sure as shit didn’t disappear. Judah is also around today and who are they and where are they?

    If you didn’t know, there are two main groups called “JEWS” today. They are the Ashkenazic and the Sephardics. The Sephardics are the real “JEWS” of the Tribe of Judah.

    So where did the Ashkenazi come from?

    When the Northern Tribes were displaced to the area below the Caucasus Mountains, they eventually were call the Khasars. They eventually moved North of the Caucasus Mountains and settled between the portage between the Volga and Don Rivers. There capital had the Kings House called the White House. (Sound familiar). These people had rejected their religion and adopted Shamanism.

    Only 1,000 years ago, the whole Nation converted to Judaism. A real Jewish Rabbi from Spain came to help. It was a ploy to keep the Islamist Arabs and the Byzantium catholics off of their backs as both were trying to convert them. Only the leadership and their families of Khasaria stayed with Judaism. These leaders or “sars” which means “Nobles” are the Ashkenazic Jews. They are actually the leaders of Israel not Judah.

    Now make a search on any of the “Jews” in the White House or the Media or Hollywood or Netanyahu or the Knesset and see if they are Ashkenazi?

    These guys control all of the banking in the world including China. The head Banker is the Rothchilde Dynasty out of Germany. His original name was Bauer from Bavaria.

    Keep in mind these “fatcats” are only the leadership of Khasaria and have infiltrated every main power on the planet including Russia. The Khasars were once again defeated and conquered by the Six Tribes of the Rus (Russians) about 800 years ago and we know of some of the C-sars of Russia.

    So where did the people of Khasaria go?

    They migrated to North Western Europe. The British Isles are some of them. The Tribe of Dan is Den-mark, France is Reuben.

    Even the Roman Empire recognized these people because they called the area they were in as BRITANIA.

    Bollyn knows Hebrew, ask him what “berit-ish” means? The Royals of the Beritish Isles have a specific bloodline and only that bloodline are the Royals.

    That bloodline comes from Pharez and Zarah.

    Bollyn’s bloodline comes from Anne Boleyn, the Queen of England, in 1536. She and her brother were beheaded. So Bollyn is from the bloodline of royals and is more Jewish then Wolfowitz and Netanyahu. That bloodline goes all the way back to King David who built Jerusalem.

  6. Your other comments about Khasars and Ashkenazi Jews conform generally to my own conclusions.

    Please provide your proof for the last paragraph about Bollyn being more Jewish then [than] Wolfowitz and Netanyahu. This allegation seems so ridiculous that I’ve allowed the post to appear.

    Do you have any disagreement with the conclusions of many that Israel is central to the 9-11 ideation, planning, execution and cover-up of the attacks and false narratives?

    • Roger Gloux says:

      It is truly hard to have a conversation with you because you have no idea who the people are that you are talking about. You have no idea as to their origins or where they went over the years.

      And when “they” show up, your ready to paint everyone with the same brush and the same color because you don’t see or want to see who they really all are.I don’t know how to say this to you so you can understand, the men who control the United States and the Modern State of Israel all come from the same source

      Not only that, if the way they destroyed those SEVEN buildings was Israelis, don’t you think they would use the same method to protect themselves from all the Nations that are trying to destroy them right now?????

      Just think a little bit. All the major Bankers are Ashkenazi. They are different to the Sephardi.

      The Sephardi don’t run Israel, nor do they control the banks, nor do they control major industry and the Media, which includes Hollywood. They are into diamonds.

      Just because Christopher Bollyn thinks the Israeli Military are behind this, he has no idea what a real “Jew” is. Who was on deck or in charge when a plane was heading for the Pentagon? The same guy was also in charge of what was happening in New York, not Israeli Military.

      Christopher Bollyn has ancestry in Gaelic and Northern Irish? What is really ironic about Bollyn is, he is from the same source as the Ashkenazi. That’s like shooting yourself in the foot.

      The Khasars are the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. The whole Nation of Khasaria converted to Judaism as a ploy to get Islamic and Bazantine pressure off of their backs, who were trying to convert them.

      Pay attention… only the Nobles and their families of Khasaria stayed with Judaism. These Nobles and their families are the Ashkenazi. The rest of Khasaria migrated to the area of Northern Europe when the Russians conquered them 800 years ago but these went into Catholicism.

      The Tribe of Judah had two lines from a set of twins, who were Zarah and Pharez.. These two lines were partly in Spain and the other went to Northern Ireland. Zarah is the Northern Irish. Part of Christopher Bollyn’s ancestry come from this Zarah Line. In other words Bollyn is more Jewish then Netanyahu who is Ashkenazi. In fact the word “Jew” come from the name Ju-dah. That means Netanyahu is not Jewish but instead from Khasaria, who is part of the Lost Tribes of Israel. And namely the Nobles of Khasaria.

      When you check out who is picked to belong to Skull and Bones at Yale University, you will see these men are Ashkenazi Nobles of Khasaria. They pick 15 new guys every year and these men run all the Banks and Major Industry and Hollywood.

      Here is Bush Senior in this picture……

      There is anywhere from 500-800 alive at any one time and these men are the Deep State behind the scene. These are the men that pulled off 9/11.

      And if you know Bollyn, tell him his ancestry is from the Zarah line of Judah.

      • I’ve often used the term “Khazarian mafia”–and am familiar with what you write. I’d not connected Bushes to the lineage–thanks for the tip. Nor had I connected Bollyn. I’ll follow that up also.

        How should your viewpoint influence, say, the Lawyers Committee efforts? How off target is the website?

        Wouldn’t you expect “good Jews” to be prominent (active) in exposing the evil “Deep State” operatives? A Facebook group “Jews for 9/11 Truth” seems not to have many Jews posting.

        How concerned should we be about potential collateral damage to innocent Jews mostly unwilling to expose the evil ones who bring animus to the whole of Jewry as the ongoing harvest of misery based upon 9-11 lies proceeds post-haste?

  7. As evidence mounts implicating an international crime network of Zionists in the 9-11 attacks, trolls work to protect the real criminals and efforts to deeply embed this crime network into US systems (banking, commerce, internet, government, media, etc.) escalate in earnest.

  8. The initial “hypothesis” of controlled demolition continued to pass challenges and explains what happened to Building 7 and the Twin Towers. Contrary to Gloux’s allegation that setting up for controlled demolitions was impossible, the collection of evidence (I.e., 58 items presented by Lawyers Committee to the attorney general of the Southern Circuit in New York on April 10, 2018) has led to what we know as a “THEORY of controlled demolition”.

    GELATIN: The “B” Thing

    The first prominent meme of earliest 9-11 activist leaders was “9-11 was an inside job”. This meme has served to distract from scrutinizing Israeli and Zionist (Khazarian Mafia) elements who are also proven beyond reasonable doubt to have been key figures in ideation, planning, execution and the continuing cover-up.

    The planning of this deception that changed the world appears to have included inserting “activists” purporting to oppose the official narratives about OBL—controlled opposition promoting Limited hangouts. Fifteen plus years of haggling about controlled demolition has bought time for the real perpetratraitors to harvest from the false narratives.

    Tell us, Gloux about your entry into 9-11 activism and point us to examples of your work.

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